Adding Video & Movie Clips

Q. Can short video clips be included with the slide show?
Yes, you can add one or several short video clips to the DVD slide show. Just include your video clip or tape and fill out the section of the order form for this. Make sure your video is in a format we can work with. If you are submitting a tape or DVD, the video must be converted digitally. You can do this yourself or we can do this for you at a nominal fee.

Q. Can I include videos of friends sending personal messages?
Yes. We can add voice over and/or video testimonies to your slide show. There are a couple ways to do this. 1. You can ask friends or family to record themselves on a camera or mobile device and send that to us. 2. We can record Skype interviews with your family and friends for you. We will ask you to email each person (and copying us) asking them to arrange a time with us to be interviewed via Skype. We will arrange the day and time they prefer to be interviewed and recorded. We can be flexible in working with everyone’s schedule due to jobs and other commitments. Some people may prefer to be interviewed early in the morning, in the middle of the day or even late in the evening. We will accommodate you however we can. Another benefit of doing this is that we can Skype with people around the world so that their message can be included in a DVD even if they live far away from the person or couple being celebrated. This turns out to be a big hit although it is a lot of work to organize and setup the interviews. We would also enlist your help to encourage your interviewees to choose a location to be interviewed that is quiet, well-lighted. It is best to have a lamp or two on-hand that can be moved or adjusted. They must have a computer (desktop or laptop) or device that has a camera and microphone. Skype works with almost all mobile devices, but if they have options they should choose the device that has the best quality camera and microphone. It may also be necessary to have high-speed Internet. Audio and video are often out of sync due to Internet connection transmission speeds so the faster the Internet speed the better the output. Also, it may be best if the interviewees are able to move back away from the camera a bit. It’s never flattering when a camera peers up one’s nostrils, etc. and computer cameras are not generally flattering to people up-close anyway.