Choosing Music

Q. How do I choose which songs to include?
When selecting music, please know that we cannot use copyrighted music on our slideshows. You may own the CD, but that is NOT the same as owning the copyright to publish the song. That’s why we use only copyright-free music in our slideshows. Song selection is critical because it is the background music that will ultimately create the emotions the viewers will feel. Remember to pick songs that best suit the occasion. What kinds of music does the person honored in the slideshow like best? Pop/rock, country, oldies, R&B, classical, jazz, blues, Broadway, Christian and Gospel, Latin music. Think of the mood you want to create.

Q. What background music would you recommend?
A. Choose musical styles that the person you are creating the slideshow likes, whether that’s 1940’s big band jazz, classical, Southern Gospel, or popular love ballads. We strongly encourage you to consider using instrumental music (songs without words). Instrumental music sets the mood without distracting lyrics that don’t fit. Music sets a mood. If you choose fun, up-beat pop music you will convey a light-hearted playful mood. If you choose romantic love ballads or slower songs, you will convey a more serious, emotional mood. We have several song suggestions based on music that has worked well for our customers.

Q. How much music do I need?
It depends. Upbeat, fast-paced music requires more photos to look good (plan on 4 seconds of music per photo), and slow-paced peaceful music requires fewer photos (8 seconds of music per photo). You may want to plan for a medium-paced video where each photo stays on the screen for about 6 seconds. Include the appropriate amount of music for your slide show. If the amount of music is too long for the number of pictures we will either have to increase the duration of the photos or fade the song out early. We will do our best to find a good point in the song to fade out. Use the chart below to help you plan how many pictures to include with a song.

Q. Can you make my slideshow a specific time duration?
If you have a limited time for your slideshow to be viewed, we will absolutely work with you to meet that timing deadline. Sometimes you may need to leave out some photos, or sometimes you may need to add. Either way, we will work closely with you to make sure all your needs are met.

Q. How long will my DVD slide show be?
That’s entirely up to you and how many pictures you choose to share. For example, if you were to include 100 photos it may be approximately 8-10 minutes in length. With 50 photos, your slideshow would last roughly 3-6 minutes. We can be very flexible to your requests, since every situation is unique. However, we do not believe that basing our shows on length is the best method to create a professional slideshow production. For example, if I promise you a 20 minute slideshow, I can give you a 20 minute slideshow. That’s easy. I can make twenty photos last for 20 minutes if I want to. I can also take 300 photos and make the show 20 minutes long. But think about the quality production you would receive. The show would either be way too slow and bore your viewers to tears, or it would be so rushed through that it would lose all emotion and effect.This is why we do not base our shows or our prices on the length of the video production. Each show is uniquely made and created with each individual’s needs and desires.

Q. How long should my custom DVD show be?
Different lengths are better for different occasions and purposes. It seems some of the longest slideshows are wedding anniversaries. For longer slideshows it’s a good idea to break it up into chapters. But in the end, it’s up to you, this is your creation!

Time length of music Number of photos
fast-pace medium pace slow-pace
30 sec. 8 pics 5 pics 4 pics
1 min. 16 pics 10 pics 8 pics
2 min. 32 pics 20 pics 16 pics
3 min. 48 pics 30 pics 24 pics
4 min. 64 pics 40 pics 32 pics
5 min. 80 pics 50 pics 40 pics

For each song decide the following:
Length of music: ________ Number of photos: _____ Preferred pacing: _________