How to Begin

Step 1 – Fill out the Order form

DVD Slideshow Order FormDownload and print our Slideshow Order Form

This order form will guide you step-by-step through the whole process. If you have questions call us toll-free at 1-800-588-1985 or drop us an email. We are glad to help. We provide free phone consultation and one-on-one assistance every step of the way.


Step 2 – Organize your photos

stack of photo albumsBefore rummaging through your old photo albums, make a plan. This will make the process easier.

TIPS for choosing photos:

  • Choose quality photos. Avoid photos that are dark, grainy, scratched or torn.
  • Choose photos that evoke emotion, reveal personality or show real action rather than posed shots.
  • Choose close-ups that show facial expressions rather than far away shots.
  • If two photos are similar, consider eliminating one of them.
  • Choose photos that will be of interest to your audience. Include some photos of the people who will be viewing the presentation. Everyone loves to see themselves on the big screen and they will feel like a part of your special event.

Arrange your photos in the sequence you want them to appear in the slideshow. Organize your photos into chapter sections: Early childhood, First date, Just married, Raising our children, Being grandparents, Great-grand kids, etc. You can find more info about chapter titles here.

Number each photo Start with number “01” and count upwards. Either put a numbered sticky post-it note on the back of each photo or write the number lightly with a pencil. Don’t press too hard on the photo to avoid damage. Do not use marker or ink pen as this causes smearing and will damage your pictures. NOTE: If you plan to include digital photos, it is best to simply change the name of the file to be the number of the photo itself. (For example: 021. jpg, 022.jpg, 023.jpg, etc.) You can find more info about photographs here.

Step 3 – Choose background music

How much music do you need? It depends. Upbeat, fast-paced music requires more photos to look good (plan on 4 seconds of music per photo), and slow-paced peaceful music requires fewer photos (8 seconds of music per photo). You may want to plan for a medium-paced video where each photo stays on the screen for about 6 seconds. Include the appropriate amount of music for your slide show. Use the chart below to help you plan how many pictures to include with a song.

Time length of music Number of photos
fast-pace medium pace slow-pace
30 sec. 8 pics 5 pics 4 pics
1 min. 16 pics 10 pics 8 pics
2 min. 32 pics 20 pics 16 pics
3 min. 48 pics 30 pics 24 pics
4 min. 64 pics 40 pics 32 pics
5 min. 80 pics 50 pics 40 pics

Choosing songs: Choose musical styles that the person you are creating the slideshow likes, whether that’s 1940’s big band jazz, classical, Southern Gospel, or popular love ballads. We strongly encourage you to consider using instrumental music (songs without words). Song lyrics tell stories and mention details that often conflict with the people and events in the photos. Instrumental music sets the mood without distracting lyrics that don’t fit. Music sets a mood. If you choose fun, up-beat pop music you will convey a light-hearted playful mood. If you choose romantic love ballads or slower songs, you will convey a more serious, emotional mood. You can find more info about choosing music here.

Add Movie clips: You can include home movies, add video greetings, etc. integrated into your photo slideshow. You can find more info about video and movie clips here.

Step 4 – Send everything to us


  1. Send us your photos and media along with your order form and payment.
  2. Place your photos in plastic zip-lock storage bags.
  3. Write on the package: PHOTOS – DO NOT BEND!! You can find more info about mailing photos here.

Choose whichever payment method is most convenient to you. We will accept payment by personal check, money order or online credit card payments or online payments. You can pay online now.

Step 5 – Enjoy your slideshow

We will notify you when your order is complete. Once we receive your payment we will ship your DVD and original pictures back to you by mail. We are more than happy to work with you during any step in the process to incorporate your personality and ideas into the DVD to create a multimedia masterpiece you will want to show to all your family and friends. Your satisfaction is our main goal.