Gift Ideas & Events

A slideshow makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member. It can be a very gratifying, and deeply emotional experience to watch a DVD that shows your life up on the screen, especially when surrounded by family and friends all together watching a movie about one’s life. Below are just a few gift ideas and events.


just married coupleNeed a gift idea for your parents’ wedding anniversary? Want to give the best gift you’ve ever given? Want to make someone laugh, cry and fall in love all over again? Show a DVD slideshow of their lives together. We can transform photographs of their wedding day (circa. June 1, 1957) into a custom-animated slideshow that will touch the hearts of all who view it. Tell their story in pictures and music -from early childhood to their first date, from their days as young parents to grandparents.

wedding photoFor some in your audience this will revive precious memories they may have forgotten. For the younger people it will be a way to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren. Want to add words to tell your story? We can incorporate quotes from old and faded love letters, personal reminiscences, words from a loved one who has died that you have recorded on cassette tape. Often, a photo-montage slideshow is the highlight of the event or occasion. Your DVD slideshow will quickly become a family heirloom, treasured by the generations to come!


Show a Wedding Slideshow In a few short minutes, your guests will “get to know” your spouse as they watch him/her grow up on screen. Begin with baby pictures, and let the audience watch you grow from early childhood to their courtship together. Tell how you met and fell in love. Add quotes from old love letters. couple kissingThis is a creative way to share the bride and groom’s “Love Story” at the wedding.

brideWedding & Honeymoon Slideshow Imagine your love story made into a movie and created from your wedding and honeymoon photos. Combine the photographer’s photos with amateur shots, and your wedding music. Don’t just store your precious photos in a drawer or photo album to fade and collect dust. Your slideshow will be an heirloom to share with your family and friends. This is a great “thank you” gift for your wedding party.

Engagement & Love Story

couples hugging


Share your Love Story … Imagine a movie that tells the story of how you met and fell and love. Send us the photos and any other media you want to include. It’s a great way to appreciate how your relationship is growing and changing through the years.

We Make People Happy … “There is not another word to describe the work that you do! Amazing! I just received my DVD and I am blown away! Great job guys! I’ll be using your company for every special event for the rest of my life! Thanks for the amazing work! I’d be glad to serve as a reference for anyone searching for a great company like Royal Oak Media! You guys do great work and go above and beyond for your customers. Thanks again!! Very grateful and very satisfied.”
– Nichole Thomas, Memorial for Grandfather  Read more testimonials …


birthday cake
Looking for a way to pay tribute to someone special on their birthday? Whether it’s your husband’s 40th birthday, your daughter’s sweet 16th, or great Grandma’s 90th birthday, a photo-montage slideshow will help you share the story of their life with others. DVDs are a great gift to celebrate the guest of honor on his or her birthday – whether it’s the 1st, 16th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 75th or 90th birthday. Share their life with a creative slideshow that everyone will enjoy watching.


Want a visual way to celebrate your son or daughter’s graduation, Quinceañera, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Rite of Passage, or Coming-of-Age? Show a DVD slideshow that chronicles his/her life and accomplishments so far. Watch a graduate grow up on screen, from a toddler in diapers to a teenager driving a car, in an animated slideshow of their life. Watch your child’s life unfold before your eyes. Include special events, such as school plays, piano recitals, birthday parties, holidays and any other events with special meaning. Take a fun-filled trip down memory lane and show them how precious their life really is.

Family tribute

twin girlsWant to tell the life story of a family member or ancestor? We will consult with you by phone or email to learn all of the important details of the focus person or persons. This may include favorite music, people, places and events that had an effect on the subject’s life. Your focus person may have favorite songs you wish to include or we can use popular songs from different eras in the DVD. We will guide you in music selections along the way. You may want to include video and pictures as well items such as historical documents, newspaper articles, diplomas, report cards, personal letters, and anything else you have. You can also add personalized messages to your DVD by taping yourself or family members with a camcorder and sending the tape along with your other materials. Preserve a family member’s true life story and pass on family history to your children and grandchildren. This makes a great gift to give to extended family and friends.

Life Story & Biography

Want to share the lessons life has taught you? Let us help you tell the story of your life in your own words and pictures so that generations to come will know who you were, what you did and why you did it. We creatively combine photographs, music, memorabilia and more, creating video memories on a DVD that will be treasured by your family forever. It’s a way of handing down your values, wisdom, faith, and love. Share favorite stories, traditions, and experiences. What are the things that made you smile, things that made you cry, things that made you sing? What are your hopes for the future? It’s about the person you have become, the values that you hold dear, and the values that you hope will live on in your family once you are gone. This is your chance to inspire future generations. It’s an opportunity to relate the lessons life has taught you. The greatest inheritance you can give is you. We will work with you to capture the right mood whether it be solemn, respectful and low key, right through the spectrum to fun, cheeky and upbeat…or maybe a mix of them all.

Father’s or Mother’s day

Can’t think what to give for Father’s Day? Your dad or husband probably won’t ask for a slideshow from his children on Father’s Day. But when he watches pictures of himself wrestling on the floor with his kids, sledding in the snow with them, teaching them to fish or ride their bikes, taking family vacations together, building a shed in the backyard, he will be glad you thought of it.


Recent Vacations We can take your photos and video, set them to music of your choice, and create an exciting slideshow that your family and friends will enjoy Plus, the DVD slideshow will become a keepsake that your family will appreciate years from now.

family on the beachLong-Ago Vacations We all have vacation photos and videos from years past. But who looks at them? Create an amazing piece of family history by setting these photos into a DVD slideshow or transferring your old video to DVD. Your family will be very entertained and will have the opportunity to revisit all these memorable, happy trips from long ago!

Soldier stationed overseas

Are you a military spouse (parent or child) of someone serving overseas? Help your soldier feel included in your family-life while they are away from those they love. Share photos or video of family events, children’s birthdays, holidays, or just a typical day at home with the kids. You can even record your family’s voices on tape and include a narrative track along with your photos. With a DVD slideshow you can share the passing moments of life together, while you’re apart.

Christmas & Holidays

Tired of sending the same-old cards at Christmas time? Create a personalized Christmas Greeting on DVD. Share your life in photos from the past 12 months with family and friends. Forget about sending out Christmas cards, or photocopying newsletters, we can bring your year to life by presenting your family photos as a video slideshow with your favorite Christmas carols and songs as musical accompaniment. Get ready for a very Merry Christmas knowing your Christmas wishes are being shared with family and friends around the country and around the world.


dozen roses

Looking for a gift idea for the love of your life on Valentine’s Day? Guys, think of how special you’d make her feel if you did this without her knowing or asking! Start from the moment you met and go through the years highlighting all your most memorable events. Add “your song”, have a professional media company put it all together for you, then plan a special candlelight evening and watch it together. What better way to express your love than a romantic DVD of your life together?

New baby

baby smilingDo you have a New Baby that you want to celebrate with others?Create a DVD slideshow to share with parents and grand-parents living far away. Share your baby’s first months and years with those who can’t be there to experience it firsthand. Grandparents love to brag to everyone about their grandchildren. Think of how proud they would feel displaying a video slideshow of their children and grandchildren at the next get-together with all their friends!

Scrap Booking for DVD

Would you like to make a scrapbook your family could watch on TV? Until now, scrapbooking has mainly been about being creative with your memories on paper but have you ever thought about making a digital scrapbook? One that lets you to combine music, photos, slides, documents, newspaper stories, your own titles, and even old family video footage to create your own show to watch on your TV? It’s similar to paper scrapbooking, so you get to have all the fun of collecting the best photos, deciding their order and writing captions and titles for them – but because this is a production for TV, you also get to choose the music or voice over you’d like to accompany your digital scrapbook. And if you have any video footage you’d like included, we can do that too. Your precious photos will also be digitally preserved as part of the process, so you can have peace of mind about those treasured memories too.

Planning a Special Event … Our DVD Slideshows are often shown at weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, reunions and other events. DVD Video Albums & Slideshows are a great way to preserve precious moments of your life, tell a story, give a family history lesson, celebrate life’s special events, or tell someone you love them. Our team professionally scans all your material, edits it together into a beautiful presentation. It is a joy to see your slideshow video in rich color on your TV screen, and brings your memories to life. You can get additional copies for your children and grandchildren so your memories are handed down for the years ahead to those you love.


Have you or someone in your family been diagnosed with a serious illness? If so, you’ll know how it can re-order your priorities and make you focus on the things that are most important to you, which is often family and friends. Record a message to share with your friends and family and leave them with more than a memory, leave them with your words, your expressions, your thoughts, your wishes, your hopes, your learnings, your love. Leave them with a great sense of you. You can choose to make this a surprise that they can watch on a key event like a birthday or the birth of a grandchild. You can send us your video or audio and we will edit it for you, add photos, music, titles and special effect transitions as needed. We will professionally duplicate your message onto DVD. You can then either share it immediately or leave it with a close family friend or your solicitor to distribute as you direct. We believe the recording of these messages is one of the most important services we offer, and we are honored to be part of this process.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Have you or someone in your family been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Dementia? By combining your photos, slides, music, video clips, and voice over if required you can capture their life story on video and DVD. Whether you are the person with Alzheimer’s, or a caregiver or a loving family member, you will never regret putting together this life story. The only regrets you will have is if you don’t. This is an extraordinary gift for a family and it’s important that you don’t delay. Begin capturing those precious memories and turn them into a celebration that will be viewed by many generations to come. It’s a great process for everyone involved.

Genealogy & Family Tree History

Want to put your family history on DVD? You haven’t done all that loving research on your family history to hide it away in a drawer somewhere! Turn it into a family heirloom that will have an impact on generations for years to come. This is a chance to begin an oral history for your family so your family know from who and where they have come from. Imagine seeing those old photos paired with ancestors’ names, dates and other interesting descriptions, special effect transitions between photos, music and more. We can help you tell the fascinating story of your family in a way that will bring the history of your family to life. We can remove dust spots from old slides and photos and generally enhance them so they will look great when they appear in all their glory on your television screen. The process will also ensure all your old family photos are saved digitally so they don’t fade, dis-color or become further damaged by acids and mold. And this is great fun to do! It’s fun to get all the material ready, and it’s especially fun to watch the end product. We guarantee you will watch it again and again. This is a great gift for current and future generations!

Custom-design DVD Cases … DVD caseOur slideshows make beautiful gifts. Each DVD comes in a durable hardshell case with full-color professionally designed cover with your title and photos of your choice on the front and back.