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Packages Basic
Price $158 $257 $356 $455 $554 $653
Length 5-7 min. 10-12 min. 15-18 min. 20-25 min. 25-30 min. 31-36 min.
Photos up to 50 up to 100 up to 150 up to 200 up to 250 up to 300
Songs  2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12
Packages include: 
Photo scanning, Color correction and photo optimization, Photo retouching, Slide transitions, Pan and zoom motion effects, Synchronizing photos to music, DVD main menu screen, Scene selection menus, Free archiving of your slideshow, Quality packaging, Professionally designed DVD disk and custom artwork.
Photo Package   $


Add-on options Qty. Subtotal
Music purchase     $2 per song
We will purchase songs online for you. We blend songs together into a musical soundtrack synchronized to your photos. Be sure to include background songs for your main menu and scene selection screens.
Chapter Titles     $10 each
Title screens are used for introducing new sections (or chapters) of content. More than just white text on a black background, we offer Hollywood-style special effects titles. Our chapter titles make use of artistic motion and lighting effects, backgrounds, and dazzling special FXs.
Intro / Outro message     $30
Include a personal message, congratulations, special blessing, note of thanks, words of encouragement, a poem, favorite scripture, or quotation. Introductions come at the beginning of the slideshow, and Outros came at the end. But they can be used to communicate whatever message you want to convey through your slideshow.
End credits     $20
As in a Hollywood film, this is where you list and credit those who played a role in the slideshow. You can give credit to your friends and family with their name and significance (eg. “best man”).
Photo Captions     $4 each
A photo caption is text that appears with a photo.
Voice-over Narration     $30
You can include a narrative track, an audio interview, Grandpa’s familiar voice.
Home Movies & video clips     $30 digitize / $5 per min.
Add family home movies to your slideshow. Video clips may be separate from or combined with still photographs. Video may require a $20.00 fee to capture and digitize your media.
Add Extra photographs, documents or artifacts     $2 each
Include extra photos, prints, slides, love letters, diploma, wedding announcement, concert tickets, nalstalgic memorabilia, personal artifacts and documents.
Restored Photo CD     $25
Before we begin, each photo is color-corrected by a professional photo technician. This brings your old, discolored photos back to their original appearance, often superior to the original photograph. Use this CD to print out high-quality photographs.
Extra DVD copies     $20
Give a copy of your DVD as a gift to your parents, children, family and friends. Each DVD comes in a durable hard-shell case, custom label and color artwork.
Online Preview    $20 setup/ $5 each month
Preview your slideshow or share it with friends and family far away who cannot attend an event.
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Tax & fees

Sales Tax
If you live in the state of Ohio add 5.8% sales tax. You do not pay this tax if you live outside the state of Ohio.
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Rush order service
Add 20% of order to the subtotal. Rush order service will ensure your order will be comleted in less than 2 weeks.
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Credit card/ PayPal service fee
Add 3.2% of subtotal. This fee is incurred from purchasing online using a credit card. There is no fee for payments made by personal check or money order.
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Shipping & handling
Express or Ground shipment via FedEx arrives 2-3 business days.
Express Air shipment via FedEx arrives next business day.
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