What customers say

Q. What do customers say about you?
Customers love our work! We receive lots of very positive responses from our customers. They like to let us know how everyone enjoyed the slideshow we designed for them. And we love getting feedback from customers. Read below from just a few of the nice things our customers have written about us.


“I’m sitting at my desk with tears just rolling down my face! I am just SO happy I can’t find the words. This is just so precious and beautiful. It’s a masterpiece beyond belief!! Everything is PERFECT !!!!!!!!! From the bottom of my heart —- THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH !!! Please pass this on to your staff, design crew, etc. You just don’t know how wonderful this is and how much it means. I can hardly wait to give it to him!!! ” 
– Cindy Sartain, Birthday

“PERFECT!! I Absolutely LOVE it! It made me cry, it is so beautiful! Yes, send me the disk. I will give you a rating of “10” on any site you request. You are doing us ‘right’ by giving us a chance to say “I Love You” to the person that really made a difference, made it OK to leave the boundaries and explore, live life to the fullest.” 
– Loris Largo-Rhodes, Life Story

“Wow, I am completely impressed with your customer service and professionalism. Thank you for helping me with all my questions and always providing detailed feedback! I watched the video just now. It’s just amazing I found your web-business and I’m very excited about what you created for our 40th anniversary DVD. 
– Margie Hopper, Wedding Anniversary

“This was an investment – and well worth it. You did an amazing job and I will recommend you to all my friends and family – I’m sure everyone will ask after the ceremony about who put it all together ….so wonderful that you provide such a service as this and do such a thoughtful, creative, and professional job — and, that you collaborated with me to find just the right music and timing. You are a pro!” 
– Julia Carpenter, Wedding Anniversary

“AMAZING!!!!!!!!” Absolutely loved the storybook theme, the transitions and the way you brought the pictures together. Thank you for the incredible talent you have and bring to this video and thank you for respecting my wishes for photo/narration placement. You have made me one very happy client!!!!
– Sue Beach, Wedding Anniversary

“I am sooooooooo pleased with the DVD. Your company is awesome. I will be definately utilizing your services in the future. I know initially I ordered only one copy of the DVD. Is it possible to order any more or is too late because I absolutely love it and want to share it with everyone!!” 
– Terri Ashhurst, Healing from Cancer Testimony

“I am speechless! The video is perfect! I was pretty emotional when I met Michelle to pick it up and didn’t think I would even watch it until tomorrow but I took a little nap myself and when I woke up I put it on and watched it thru two times and I am so pleased. They are gonna love it. I just can’t thank you enough. You can add me to the truly satisfied customer list!” 
– Lori Alexander, Life Story

“We went to the party and watched the DVD on a big screen TV and it’s just beautiful. I got a lot of compliments on the chapters. My sister cried when she saw it and so did a lot of people. It was as if, “Where did the time go?” I gave them Royal Oak Media as a place where they can get a video if they choose to. The music was special and we all had a great time watching it. This is going to be a special keepsake for my daughter. Her life from the first picture of her until graduation. I am eternally grateful. Godspeed.” 
– Theresa Leitold, Graduation

“The movie was amazing! I loved the cover. So very pleased with the quality of the photos. The timing of the songs is excellent. Thank you for producing a quality DVD that is truly a priceless tribute to our family. Your company has our highest recommendation!” 
– Cathy and Eric Kwiatkowski, Wedding Anniversary

“The DVD slideshow was like watching a blockbuster Hollywood movie – about ourselves!!! I wasn’t supposed to show it to my husband until his birthday party, but I was too excited and I wanted to see how he would react. So, we watched it the night before the party. We both started crying when we saw the photos of our life together. Then we just kept playing it over and over. We watched it 3 times that night and then again the next morning. Needless to say, the video was a huge success at the party too. Thanks so much. You do great work!!” 
– Melissa Schwartztrauber, Birthday

“It’s been almost two years since my parents big 40th wedding anniversary. We still watch the video almost every time we get together. My parents have said it is the best gift they have ever received. The whole family loves it! I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor. I wondered if you still had the scanned photos from our video. I would love to have these digital photos onto a digital picture frame I bought my dad for his birthday. Thanks so much for making our event wonderful! Hope you and your family are doing great and business is treating you well.” 
– Tori Kaeser, Wedding Anniversary

“The slide show is truly amazing! Thank you so very much! You truly captured everything we wanted to portray and then some! You are awesome!” 
– Dorothy Carroll, Wedding Anniversary

“Thanks for your creativity and professionalism….your work is your best advertisement” 
– David Pitts, Wedding Anniversary

“I just wanted to touch base to let you know how pleased my whole family and I were with the video you produced. It was incredible and just what I had hoped for! My parents just loved it. They were so happy to have received and shared such a wonderful gift of memories presented in a unique, special way with all their friends and family on their 50th Anniversary. We continue to watch the video often, which produces the perfect combination of happy, sad and inspirational emotions. So, thank you and the team for all your work, to include expediting our order. It was a pleasure to work with Royal Oak Media and highly recommend your business to others.” 
– Kim Clinton, Wedding Anniversary

“Mike, I never met you but I love you. The slideshow is perfect. Love the creative playfulness.” 
– Cythia Carnegie, Wedding Anniversaryy

“You really have an amazing service and I wish you lots of good business your way. It’s the perfect birthday, anniversary, wedding or graduation present!!” 
– Suzanne Hardy, Wedding Anniversary

“You and your team did an amazing job on the video for my mom and family. It was the highlight of the weekend and made an emotional connection with everyone in the room. Thank you for your creativity and professionalism.” 
– Tim Canning, Birthday

“The video has arrived! I just watched it and I am absolutely thrilled! It’s wonderful..just perfect. I even cried several times (in a good way:) Many many thanks for doing such a great job and for getting it here in time. I can’t wait for Tom and our families to see it. It’s a great family history and will be a treasured keepsake for generations.” 
– Ann Ayres, Wedding Anniversary

“Let me just say that the DVD is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! You have truly done a fantastic job! I absolutely love it. I have not been able to watch it since I got it in the mail, because my fiance has been home…..so I just watched it now. You did a beautiful job showcasing our relationship over the past 5 and 1/2 years as well as our love. I cannot wait to surprise him with this video at our rehearsal dinner this week. Our families will just love this as well. Thanks again for all of your hard work.” 
– Shannon O’Brien, Wedding Anniversary

“I just wanted to let you know we had our celebration of life for my brother on June 20. The video you put together for us was amazing!! LOTS of tears were shed that day, but also many stories were shared and the pictures brought back so many memories. Thank you for making this day special for us!! Hopefully the next the I need your help it will be for a happy occasion! It was absolutely wonderful! Exactly what I was looking for!!! ” 
– Tammy Theisen, Memorial

“I just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted we were with the finished DVD! My sister loved it and everyone wanted to know where I had this done! It was just amazing! Thank you so much and would use you again in a heartbeat. Thanks again! Soooooo Happy I found you!” 
– Robin Knight, Birthday

“Greg and I watched the slideshow over the weekend and we love it. Thank you so much; you did a fantastic job. We liked the little extra details you added and the way you worked in all of our pictures with the songs. I will definitely recommend you to all of our friends!. It was nice to get to know you via email as we worked on this project. We will cherish it for a long time.” 
– Vicki Crompton-Tetter, Anniversary, Birthday & Family Celebration combined

“My wife plays it over and over. She can’t get enough of watching it.” 
– Lennie McMills, Birthday

“Amazingly spectacular! We are all blown away by the emotional implants within the video. The timing of the music, the special scenes, and the blending of the various pictures at specific times within the video all created an emotional awe (so to speak) that was very telling throughout the entire room. We watched the video a little over 10 or 11 times throughout the evening and each showing produced the same level of emotion. I think this was the best present I have ever given my wife. Through this video, we were able to revisit the early days of our relationship as well as where we are today. Also, the video featured family members and friends we had not seen for many years, most of whom were able to watch the video with us. It was absolutely wonderful. An experience of a lifetime. I am looking forward to having you produce Shauna’s high school graduation video next June. Thanks a million for exceeding my expectation once again and for another job well done. I am grateful to you and yours for your kindness. God bless.” 
– Enroy Davis, Wedding Anniversary

“Thanks for the wonderful work you guys have done on Sophia’s slideshow DVD. We had over 50 people at the graduation party on Sunday and everyone was amazed at the quality of the slideshow. Some people were in tears, during and after the slideshow. Sophia was very happy with the production. Your creativity really came through on this one. Great job with the Washington, DC presentation and the perfect matching of the pictures from each set with the music….especially in the set with Ben – by Michael Jackson…people literally cried during that set. Thanks a million. I am sure you will be hearing from us as well as some of our friends in the future. God bless. Great job! Thanks a million…it was well worth it.” 
– Enroy Davis, Joan Davis, Graduation

“Oh my goodness!! It just came, and I loooooooove it!!!!!! To say it is perfect is just an understatement. I cannot wait to give it to him when he lands in RI tonight. I cannot possibly rave enough. I love how you captured our goofiness, while still making it sweet and romantic. I can promise you many referrals, as I have several friends getting married in the next two years. I can also promise you that when Brandon and I get married, I will be contacting you to do our wedding montage.

“I just wanted to take the time and thank you so very much for the beautiful slideshow that you made for my father it is truly one of the most beautiful memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You did such a wonderful job and I know you didn’t have much time but you put it all together and made it all come through and it was a pleasant surprise to everybody at his memorial service and it was thoroughly enjoyed so once again I just want to thank you for the bottom of my ♥. My mother passed away in 2015 so I lost my parents 10 months apart. So the plan is at the end of this year or the beginning of next year is to have another service for both of them so that I can put them in a casket and have a burial for them because that was what I was supposed to be done this time around but things didn’t go that way however, that is the plan and I will be back in touch with you at that time.” 
– Rhonda Akins, Memrorial

I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive because two of my friends had awful experiences with their wedding vendors who did their slideshows. They even lived in the same city enabling them to be in communication constantly, and I was taking a shot online. However, you were wonderful to work with!! Perfect!! Perfect!! Perfect!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Thank you!!”
– Kristen Lupoli, Valentine’s Day

“Well, at first I planned to do the slideshow myself. So, I got all the photos together that I wanted to use and selected the songs I wanted as background music. But then I felt completely overwhelmed with the details, scanning every photo, fixing the photos that were too dark or washed out, and getting the songs to match up with the photos and how to put it on a DVD. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was afraid it would look ugly and home-made. So, I called you guys with less than two weeks before the rehearsal dinner. I can’t believe how simple and easy you made this for me. It was done right on time and at a great price!! The final DVD was completely wonderful!! When the FedEx truck delivered it, I sat down and immediately watched it and just cried all the way through. I am so grateful for your talented and friendly staff who made this so easy for me. Thank you!!” 
– Jennifer Downing, Wedding rehearsal dinner

“My video was my favorite part of the whole day. I will never forget how special it made me feel with everyone watching. You helped me realize just how good my life has been. Thank you!!” 
– Vera Roberts, Life Story

“I’m a dad who doesn’t get sentimental often. But I can’t watch this movie without bawling. You did a great job bringing back some real good times.”
– Todd Vernon, Fathers Day

“The party was this weekend and the DVD is unbelievable. My wife and I absolutely love it and the guests were amazed. You did a super job and I appreciate it. Please keep the files in your database as I envision us wanting to add chapters to what we have some years down the road. Thank you for making such a treasured gift for our family.” 
– Kevin Leverone, Birthday

“My amazing, wonderful children look terrific on our 58-inch plasma (LCD) TV! You’re amazing! Your arrangement & placement of the photos is sheer perfection!! YOU do exceptional work. I love the scene selections & I especially love the back of the DVD cover w/ the photos. I absolutely love the DVD cover & disk ! Many thanks. As Tina Turner would say, “You’re simply the best…” 
– Georgia Roberts, Children’s Coming of Age Party

What to expect ___

“I didn’t really know what to expect when I ordered my slideshow. I was a little nervous since I’d never done anything like this before. But, boy am I impressed. We are all very pleased with how it looks. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PROFESSIONAL!!!”
– Rob Dicaprio, Engagement Announcement

“Amazing! There is not another word to describe the work that you do! I just received my DVD and I am blown away! Great job guys! I’d be glad to serve as a reference for anyone searching for a great company like Royal Oak Media! You guys do great work and go above and beyond for your customers. I’ll be using your company for every special event for the rest of my life! Thanks for the amazing work! Very grateful and very satisfied!” 
– Nichole Thomas, Wedding Annversary

“We have received the DVD. It looks FANTASTIC. We really loved the cover! Thank you so much for your help. We are sure that my dad will love it and we will definitely come back to you guys next time we need a project done. Thanks a million!” 
– Jennye Nolan, Retirement Party

“Got the package!!!! It is sooooooo beautiful! I am very happy, you did a great job. Thanks so much God bless you!” 
– Peggy Otis, Baby’s 1st year

“We showed our slide show at our family gathering. Everyone wanted to talk about what they remembered. It really got everyone reminiscing about fun times and pleasant memories. We got so many requests for a copy. Everyone wanted one to keep for themselves.” 
– Elizabeth Duerr, Family Scrapbook

“We worked with Royal Oak Media to produce a video that would be played at our division’s 25 year anniversary celebration. The challenge was to produce a video that was both fun and professional. They took all of our individual pieces (and there were many …. photos, video, graphics, quotes, etc.) that we had collected and did just that! The entire process was easy and simple to understand. The final product was a huge hit at our anniversary party and very well received. Everyone loved the humor and creativity that they put into it! There were approximately 500 people in attendance and many sat through the entire thing multiple times! Another pleasant surprise … their prices were reasonable and there were no hidden or unexpected charges!”
– Diane Paul, Marketing, Clifton Gunderson LLP, Company’s 25th Anniversary

“More of a rave review later, but just a note to tell you that the slideshow is FABULOUS!!” 
– Noel Clinard, Wedding

“The slideshow was phenomenal! Everyone absolutely loved it. I LOVED the dog chapter..of course it was my favorite 🙂 Thanks for making everything so easy! I’ll definitely recommend your services to everyone I know! Just wanted to thank you guys again for your hard work, it was definitely one of the highlights of the day. Thanks again!” 
– Amy and Matt Secrist, Wedding

“I called this morning to tell how great the video was. Everyone loved it and Father John was so happy. He loved it and cried through much of it. I cannot thank you enough. Your company does great work. God bless your efforts.” 
– Father Patrick Woods CSSR, Retirement

“The DVD for my husband’s 40th birthday party was great. We watched it before the party with his closest friends in from out of town and his family and then it was scrolling on a big screen in the back of the room during the party that night. Most importantly, he loved it. It provided a great conversation piece for the party–something extra that made the party special and about him. Thanks!” 
– Liza Kessler, Birthday

“I would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding work you did to produce my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary video. It was absolutely beautiful. The photos were perfectly timed and orchestrated to the music. The special effects you used were superb and made the pictures come to life. My sisters and I were laughing one minute and crying the next. We were overwhelmed with so many emotions as we watched the moments of our parents’ life go by on the big screen. I felt like I was looking back in time. Best of all, my parents loved it. They held hands throughout and even my Dad was crying. Afterwards he told my mother he loved her and she was so happy she couldn’t stop bawling. So I wanted to write and just say thank you. The slideshow helped make this one of the most special evenings our family has ever experienced.” 
– Mary Stoltzfus, Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary

“My parents loved the video and it was one of the best gifts I could have ever given them. We cried, laughed, and remembered such great times. I could watch it over and over and always feel that way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!” 
– Kim Isla, Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

“The DVD was perfect! Thanks for helping us pick music that just perfectly fit with our Mom and Dad’s personality.” 
– Paul and Delta Gierlowski, Wedding Anniversary

“Mandy was so surprised. She didn’t find out about it and so she watched it for the first time along with our whole family while we were getting setup for the open house. She absolutely loved it!! The video really captures her personality and character well. Thanks for letting us add the movie clip of her ballet recital at the last minute. That was a special touch. We let it play all throughout the day and everyone got a big kick out of watching it. Just wanted to let you know. ” 
– Ruth Ann Saunders, Grand-daughter’s High School Graduation

“The DVD movies really added a lot to the anniversary party for my mom and dad. Several of my aunts and uncles will soon be reaching their 50th wedding anniversary so a bunch of my cousins were asking me how they could get a similar DVD for their parents. So you might be hearing from them in the future.” 
– Jerry Lucas, Wedding Anniversary

“Your work was outstanding. Brilliant! Everything was AWESOME and the overall experience was fantastic and I would be happy to serve as a reference for you.” 
– Daryl Capuano, Birthday

“We got so many wonderful compliments on the video. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks for helping to make our celebration day extra special.” 
– Florence and Richard Shaw, Wedding Anniversary

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my daughter’s funeral DVD. It has touched many lives and we are praying it will touch many more.” 
– Lois Kempton, Memorial Service

“Thanks for the terrific video you made for my mom. All us kids and our families got together at mom’s house last weekend and watched it together. It was a special for us to look at these pictures again after so many years.” 
– Glen Hicks, Family Tribute

“You all did a fabulous job on the video and I wanted to write to let you know how happy we were with it. We love it. My Mom & Dad loved were so happy with it. Thanks for the beautiful job you did on putting it together. It will be something we can treasure forever.” 
– Lisa Houston and Maurie Houston Harlan, 60th Wedding Anniversary

“I wanted to say thank you for the DVD. It is amazing!! It far exceeded what I had hoped it would be. Clearly, you put forth the effort that you would have used for your own family’s DVD. My parents were amazed – I don’t think they had ever heard of a DVD slideshow, so they were completely blown away. It meant a great deal to my parents and was the highlight of their day. You have given us a real treasure.” 
– George and Robert D’Amato , Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

“The DVD exceeded my expectations! You captured the sentiments I wanted it to convey and I especially loved how you timed some of the songs to fit certain pictures. Thank you for your concern over the tiny details and the added personal touch. It is easy to see why your company came so highly recommended. It was a pleasure to work with you. We will be doing this again.” 
– Benjamin Lapp, Christmas Greeting

“I appreciate the time you spent helping me to get everything together for the DVD. I didn’t know where to start even, but you were courteous and helpful everytime I got stuck. That made all the difference. I’m so proud of my DVD and show it off every chance I get.” 
– Caroline Libarkin, Family Heritage Video